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THE ANSWER: Chinese Red Poinsettia on Latticinio Ground, concave bottom, c.1930. 

Certainly a high quality example, the latticinio ground makes this look even better.  However, the flower is the same as in the other two red Chinese poinsettias on the tutorial page. 

Key points worth keeping in mind:

  • Center millefiori cane is a typical Chinese cane found in signed Chinese scrambles and patterned millefiori weights
  • Latticinio is cruder than French or American examples, more sugary in color and texture
  • Glass is not crystal clear as other antiques are
  • Although the ground concave bottom is rarer, it is not perfectly done like a French or American antique
  • Although the flower is "Sandwich style", a latticnio ground is rare or non-existent with Sandwich weights
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